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Forum » What does 'in association' mean?

What does 'in association' mean?

Zork (guest) 10 years ago
Notrium was 'Developed by Ville Mönkkönen in association with Michael Quigley AKA Quanrian.'

I'm wondering what exactly that means. Did Quanrian help with the Coding? Beta testing? Music? Art?

I'm working on a paper, the subject of which is games made entirely by a single person. And I've already made exceptions for developers who borrowed music and art assets. (So long as the dev created all the coding/gameplay by his lonesome it qualifies).
ville 10 years ago
It's an association in the sense that the initial version of the game was developed solely by me, and after release Michael made a popular mod to the game. After a while we decided to integrate the mod into the main game, and we collaborated on a lot more content - Michael added new items and monsters, even a couple of new endings and a whole new playable race. Obviously he did a lot of testing as well, and graphics for his new content. He didn't touch the actual C++ code much, but of course Notrium had a sort of a rudimentary scripting language, which he used for the content.
Forum » What does 'in association' mean?

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