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Vacuus 18 years ago
Meck - I thought it was time to make a new thread, the old one's getting slightly long-winded, anyway:
Well, I'm in the "designing" stage for another, as yet unamed, game.

"" said:

As of the 20th of March, I've decided to change the theme of the game into a Celtic-type area. It will, most possibly, be an RPG/Adventure, however I cannot be certain. I'm unsure to whether or not to put in a fictional world, or historic. I believe I may also move away from Irrlicht, the scene nodes I've scene for grass don't really appeal to me, and I would really like those rolling hills.

Keep in mind that it is very early stages yet, and wont be finished for some time.

I hope to make the game 3D, using the Irrlicht Engine,LUA, and the ODE physics engine.

Notice that I didn't want to go the Newton route - just to show that other engines are just as capable

Pre-requisites - Unknown, looking for a new engine, will possbily be Ogre3d.
Design - 0%, still thinking.
Art/Animation - 0%, have 3DS Max, but no idea how to use it.
Sounds - 0%, plan to use Acid Pro for this. Won't be for some time.
Coding - 0%, Will need to start over - which is a shame.
Please check here often for updates

1.05.06 and so, the game is Myrddin! More info here
20.03.06 I've decided to change the project. No longer will it be about an alien world, but instead focus on celtic history. See the quote box.

10.03.06 The mesoamerica project has picked up again, so, unfortunatly, I'll need to stop work on this for some time.

19.02.06 I've decided that it'll be too much mucking around to implement a game made almost entirely of Lua - not to mention slower. I've decided that, for now, I'll continue to write the game in C++, adding a few minor things that are changeable in Lua.
Crazy 18 years ago
3DS max? Those high-end 3d graphics prgorams are a b**** to learn.

Trust me, i did Truespace for a year before i finally did something that was of satisfactory shape.
Casanova 18 years ago
Have you looked at Blender3d? It used to be a commercial app but now it is freeware. Its not too complicated and I believe you can export models than can be easily used with irrlicht.

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Solus Lupus 18 years ago
I dont like its setup, its UV texturing is good, but that is ALL I kind of like about it. I use Anim8or and Wings3D together, and one converter, same power, better menues!
Vacuus 17 years ago
Yeah, 3ds Max is too damn difficult, though I like some of the features..

I actualy like Milkshape, though I can't figure out the animation part - but, thanks, I might just take another look at Blender..

Oh, and Lonewolf the name "Anim8or" kind of puts me off
Crazy 17 years ago
Gamespace- a toned down version of Truespace. AND ITS FREE!!
Solus Lupus 17 years ago
Try it...Anim8or is not bad at all. it is simple, and fairly powerful. I just prefer Wings3D for my modeling. Here ill find a Anim8or rendered immige...not by me, im not THAT good. ...yet...Another plus is that it is still under development, so you can get additions requested. However it is close to compleation, and VERY Stable, just ALWAYS SAVE before you LOAD

-Web Site: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

-Movie Samples: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> (Some better that others)

Vacuus 17 years ago
Thanks Lonewolf - I might just check it out.

Anyway, I've changed the whole thing - see the first post
Anonymous1157 17 years ago
Like the pictures! OMFG!


So glad to see that you're working on a 3D game. I recommend Wings3D for modeling, no matter what it is or how you want it. Of course, after modelling in Wings, you'll need some of that professional sh*t that I personally cannot use whatsoever (Although I like the mouse commands in... Blender? Ya, I think it was Blender...).
Crazy 17 years ago
Yea, those ain't bad, but try these: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... te=GImages</a><!-- m -->
Solus Lupus 17 years ago
All that non modeling stuff is what I use Anim8or for, animation, rendering, starting to learn UV maping in it....and it seems to be, once you learn it more siplistic, because the immage does not have to be distorted for UVing. Just done in smaller sections.
Anonymous1157 17 years ago
"Crazy" said:
Yea, those ain't bad, but try these: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... te=GImages</a><!-- m -->
THAT was done in Caligari!? I tried it, but I thought it completely sucked because it had the free-version watermark. I didn't like using it, either, but after looking at that sportscar under the honorable mention thingy, I just might look into it again.
Vacuus 17 years ago
It's Myrddin! I decided on that name because it's related to Celtic lore (google it, meh), which will no doubt have an impact on the whole thing

Also, if you folks don't mind, all ideas can be directed to: My Forums, where I've created a "Dev board" for the thing.

On another note, don't expect too much to be done on this - Notrium3d will most likely be consuiming alot of time, and then I've got other projects - besides, I'm not entirely sure what you folks are after
HarmlessHermit 17 years ago
Isn't Myrddin related to Merlin?

Or Martin?

Or Mervyn?

MageKing17 17 years ago
Myrddin just makes me think "Myrmidon," which of course makes me think "Freespace 2," which makes me (not surprisingly) think of "Project Amya." It's like that thing's a thought-black-hole.

And then I thought of dogs, which made me think of Zombie Dogs, which made me think of the apocalypse, which made me find that Ashes of Apocalypse mod for Morrowind, which made me realize that I don't have Morrowind installed on this computer.

God, I want to play Morrowind.

...I think this, along with this IRC chat, proves that I have ADD.

[18] MageKing17: Aha!
[18] MageKing17: Found it.
[18] MageKing17: It changed names again.
[18] MageKing17: "Ashes of Apocalypse."
[18] OniKoneko: Goddess.
[18] OniKoneko: I hate the popups that TALK to you.
[18] MageKing17: OH GOD.
[18] MageKing17: Oh hey! Enemy Nations finished!
[18] OniKoneko:
[18] MageKing17: But check out Ashes of Apocalypse:
[18] MageKing17: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="">http://sodp.planetelderscrolls.gamespy. ... ules/news/</a><!-- m -->
[19] MageKing17: You know what my three favorite Nightwish songs are?
[19] MageKing17: (I have ADD, could you tell? )

...Wow, I think this is the most off-topic post I've ever posted.
Vacuus 17 years ago

Myrddin does indeed meen Merlin, as in the King Arthurs Magician..

Anyway, I've set up a Design Document that I suggest that anyone interested in helping out, atleast looks at their preffered section:
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

It's a huge article, so don't try to read all of it I'll also change the forums around a little later on...
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