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  • Funniest Forum/IRC Quotes Thread Vol. 2

    E_net4 15 years ago
    <@Ville> [Crazy] Wasted day. Wasted life. Dessert, please.
    <+Hambot2> Wasted day. Wasted life. Dessert, please.
    <!OniKoneko> *WB(Crazy)WB* - <@OniKoneko> #64: Crazy does not exist. * Crazy ( Quit (Quit: Does not exist.)
    <+Crazy> ITS ME, LOL.
    It's just kind of funny on how he grabs the chatroom's attention.
    Crazy 15 years ago
    It's like he's becoming intelligent through @spam.

    [22:12] <Grim_Reaper> Heh. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
    [22:13] <Grim_Reaper> Lal: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
    [22:15] <Hambot2> LOL: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

    It's so much fun watching AIs do human things, even if the AI system is something as simple as "make a random chain of bits of previous messages every x minutes".
    E_net4 15 years ago
    Here's the new rule: NO TAMAGOTCHIS!
    [20] <+E_net4> Do you know one thing that fails over time?
    [20] <+E_net4> It's Tamagotchi's.
    [20] <+Crazy> Idea!
    [20] <+Crazy> Get Eliza and Alice to talk to each other!
    [20] <+Amarth> Man. After 10 years, it can be expected.
    [20] <+Joozey> Tamagotchis will probably come back though.
    [20] <!Idiota> indeed :p
    [20] <!Idiota> eeventually.
    [20] <+E_net4> Joozey: They still exist!
    [20] <+E_net4> They're evolving.
    [20] <+Amarth> As some iPhone application.
    [20] <!Idiota> But I doubt they'll be as much of a hit
    [20] <+Joozey> WHen some smartass comes to the idea to apply it to commonly used GPS in the future
    [20] <+E_net4> I mean, look! <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
    [20] <+E_net4> How failish is all this stupidity?
    [20] <+Joozey> Then your tama nags to bring him to the beach or whatever.
    [20] <!Idiota> DEAR GOD GOUGE OUT MY EYES
    [20] <+E_net4> As in, what are those stupid features for?
    [20] <+Joozey> OH MY GOD WHATS THAT
    [20] <+E_net4> YEAH!
    [20] <!Idiota> flying cats and all that
    [20] <+Joozey> My FF got stuck on it
    [20] <+E_net4> They ruined it!
    [20] <+Amarth> AAAAARGH! THE GOOGLES!
    [20] <+Joozey> CATFACE
    [20] <!Idiota> I couldn't glimpse it for longer than an infinitesimal small timespan
    [20] <+E_net4> Why did they make it only for KIDS.
    [20] <+Joozey> It's not so much the fact that they're flying, but they look retarded.
    [20] <+E_net4> THE TAMAGOTCHIS!
    [20] <+Crazy> Why?
    [20] <+Amarth> AAAAAAAA
    [20] <+E_net4> THEY FAIL LIKE...
    [20] <+E_net4> LIKE... STUFF
    [20] <!Idiota> THE CAT MA, LOOK AT THE CAT
    [20] <+Joozey> It's like, click.. ALT TAB
    [20] <+Joozey> I CANT LOOK AT THE CAT
    [20] <+Crazy> What about the cat?
    [20] <+Crazy> What is wrong with the cat?
    [20] <+Joozey> Where is the cat anyway?
    [20] <+E_net4> Anyways, I don't want my tamagotchi to find another tamagotchi AND HAVE TAMAGOTCHI BABIES!
    [20] <+Amarth> IT CANNOT BE UNSEEN!
    [20] <+E_net4> They made a portable SIMS!
    [20] <+E_net4> ACK!
    [20] <+Joozey> 'cept for the building things
    [20] <+Crazy> There's a sims movie...
    [20] <+E_net4> And now they put the superstar expansion in it! D:
    [20] <+Joozey> You now only need to clean the dipers.
    [20] * Idiota changes topic to 'Welcome to the official chatroom of <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> | Read the network rules! They apply! | Please bear in mind that this channel is for all ages. (NO TAMAGOTCHIS) | Grim done made music! (check Projects Corner)'
    [20] <+E_net4> lolphail.
    [20] <+Joozey> Haha
    [20] <+E_net4> XD
    Note: Don't click the link!
    Murska 15 years ago
    [16:33] <Murska> Seriously though. Taming a Dragon would be cool.
    [16:34] <Murska> "oh, there's a goblin horde again? Someone go get the Dungeon Master... tell him we need Bethy"
    [16:34] <Crazy>
    [16:35] <Idiota|BL> 'Bethy, you go and eat 'dose lil' goblins, and dere'll be a piece o' unicorn meat in it fer ya, whaddayasay?'
    [16:35] <Grim_Reaper> 'You had me at goblins.'

    Epic, improvized play, by 'monkkonenchat'. You may now applaud.
    MageKing17 15 years ago
    "You had me at goblins." Awesome.

    EDIT: Double-post avoidance is fun!

    Two bits of back-to-back funny:
    <!MageKing17> Thaif: You're entitled to your opinion.
    <!MageKing17> Your poor, shortsighted, unenlightened opinion.
    <+Thaif> I'm not supriced at that remark.
    <%Grim_Reaper> *surprised
    <+Crazy> Way to go on the "let's consider the other side" side, MK.
    <!MageKing17> I've considered the other side at great length.
    <!MageKing17> They're all BLIND FOOLS!~
    <+Thaif> Lulz?
    <!MageKing17> MWA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!
    * MageKing17 coughs
    <!MageKing17> Anyway, what were we talking about?
    <%Grim_Reaper> PEANUTS!
    <+Thaif> The komik?
    <%Grim_Reaper> Crazy: They can't possibly fit there.
    <%Grim_Reaper> What with the toothbrush taking all the space.
    <!MageKing17> Damned toothbrush.
    <+Crazy> No process on the comic, i can't get into a comfortable position for drawing.
    <+Thaif> wat
    <!MageKing17> Did you mean "process" or "progress"?
    <!MageKing17> Or both?
    <+Crazy> No process has taken place which would induce progress.
    <+Crazy> I originally meant "progress" but ironically, blah.
    <%Grim_Reaper> So no progress in the comic-making process?
    <+Crazy> I swear i was going to finish that last sentence.
    <+Crazy> But i didn't!
    <+Crazy> Nope. No progress in any process, either.
    <+Thaif> At least you're trying.
    Crazy 15 years ago
    <Grim_Reaper> RAWFGR COMIK
    <Crazy> In the WEEKEND, Grim.
    <Crazy> I'm barely awake ATM.
    <Grim_Reaper> Whye nut naow?
    <Crazy> Tired.
    <Grim_Reaper> Then takes tires off

    I lol'd.
    Murska 15 years ago
    So you were all tired'n'drowzy?

    E_net4 15 years ago
    "Crazy" said:


    I don't think he's tired.
    MageKing17 15 years ago
    <%Grim_Reaper> @markov Yo
    <+Hambot2> Yo
    <%Grim_Reaper> @markov Yo
    <+Hambot2> Yo
    <%Grim_Reaper> @markov Yo
    <+Hambot2> Yo
    <%Grim_Reaper> @markov Yo dawg
    <+Hambot2> Grim_Reaper: Error: I found a broken link in the Markov chain. Maybe I received two bad links to start the chain.
    <%Grim_Reaper> @markov yo dawg
    <+Hambot2> yo dawg
    <+Amarth> Aww.
    <%Grim_Reaper> @markov yo dawg
    <+Hambot2> yo dawg like yo yos, so we put a thing what suits my needs.
    <+Vortor> why herd but "you" and "like" are right?
    <!MageKing17> @markov YO GAWG
    <+Hambot2> MageKing17: Error: I found a broken link in the Markov chain. Maybe I received two bad links to start the chain.
    <!MageKing17> @markov YO DAWG
    <!MageKing17> XD
    <%Grim_Reaper> xD
    <+Vortor> nice
    And that, my friends, is why we love @markov.
    E_net4 15 years ago
    <+Amarth> As for the other one, I don't know much about her, really. She studies informatics with me and also has a boyfriend.
    <+Amarth> And is boring as shit.
    <+Amarth> I think that might be more RP though.
    <+Amarth> Because her boyfriend is kinda heavy metal and stuff.
    <+Amarth> Might be into RPing.
    <Joozey_> Must be.
    <%Shingo> But is she shot?
    <%Shingo> *hot
    <%Shingo> >_<
    <Joozey_> Who?
    <Joozey_> Amarth's chicks?
    <+Amarth> No.
    <+Amarth> Shot probably.
    <+Amarth> Depends in which sense.
    <Joozey_> Haha
    Don't stop posting.
    Amarth 15 years ago
    <Bink|Stuff> Why does it have to do that!? >_<
    <Bink|Stuff> I unplug it and everything works.
    <Bink|Stuff> >_<
    <Bink|Stuff> @#%$@#%!^!
    <Hambot2> Bink|Stuff: Error: "#%$@#%!^!" is not a valid command.
    <Bink|Stuff> *facepalm*
    E_net4 14 years ago
    Shall we march onward this thread's revival?
    [21] <+Crazy> These new processors are awesome.
    [21] <!MageKing17> Joozey_: "REV" is probably short for "reverb", which means echo.
    [21] <%Grim_Reaper> Crazy: New processors what? New compy have already?
    [21] <+Crazy> Nope, just talking about general advancements.
    [21] <+Crazy> Intel's Lynnfield, to be exact.
    [21] <!MageKing17> Technology marches onward.
    [21] <%Grim_Reaper> SCIENCE MARCHES ON!
    [21] <+Crazy> It does. And the march is magnificent.
    [21] <%Grim_Reaper> Speaking of marching...
    [21] * Grim_Reaper is now playing: Frank Klepacki - Hell March
    [21] * MageKing17 is now playing: Sinister Ducks - March of the Sinister Ducks
    [21] * MageKing17 is now playing: John Williams - Star Wars Imperial March
    [21] * Crazy is now playing with his dick.
    [21] <!MageKing17> Yeah, well, fuck your mother.
    [21] <+Crazy> DUde.
    [21] <+Crazy> My mom's dead.
    [21] <!MageKing17> I KNOW
    [21] <!MageKing17> MWA-HA-HA-HA-HA
    [21] <+Crazy> Haha! You know wrong! I LIES!
    [21] <+Crazy> MWA-HA-HA-HA-HA
    [21] <!MageKing17> I KNOW
    [21] <!MageKing17> MWA-HA-HA-HA-HA
    [21] <%Grim_Reaper> You're both wrong! CRAZY'S MOTHER IS A ZMOBIE!
    [21] <%Grim_Reaper> MWA-HA-HA-HA-HA
    MageKing17 14 years ago
    Sep 12 11:32:38 <%Grim_Reaper> This reminds me of a youtube video.
    Sep 12 11:32:59 <%Grim_Reaper> A person cosplaying a Heavy Weapons Guy of the TF2 fame.
    Sep 12 11:33:17 <%Grim_Reaper> One of the lines: "PAX is credit to Internets!"
    Sep 12 11:33:28 <%Grim_Reaper> Search youtube for clip if care enuf.
    Sep 12 11:33:46 <+Amarth> Yeah, because it was only linked like an hour back in this very chatroom?
    Sep 12 11:33:51 <%Grim_Reaper> Now I go listen on my sister and father and sister's boyfriend(?) argue and such.
    Sep 12 11:33:55 <!MageKing17> Took the words right out of my keyboard.
    Sep 12 11:33:56 <%Grim_Reaper> It was?
    Sep 12 11:33:58 <%Grim_Reaper> Awesome.
    Sep 12 11:34:01 <!MageKing17> (@Amarth, not Grim.)
    Sep 12 11:34:55 <+Anonymous1157> Keyboards don't have RAM.
    Sep 12 11:42:24 <!MageKing17> Anonymous1157: I think that may be the most blatant misuse of the acronym "RAM" I've ever seen.
    Sep 12 11:42:52 <+Anonymous1157> The laptop has no MEMORY in which to store your words for them to be taken right out of it.
    Sep 12 11:42:59 <+Murska> Keyboard.
    Sep 12 11:43:02 <!MageKing17> And now it's gone from a keyboard to a laptop.
    Sep 12 11:43:15 <+Anonymous1157> ... Keyboard.
    Sep 12 11:44:47 <+Amarth> Well, depending on the way you interpret the word "word", it makes sense...
    Sep 12 11:45:43 * Grim_Reaper has quit (Quit: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
    Sep 12 11:45:51 <!MageKing17> It's also not possible to retrieve a word from someone's mouth, before or after they say it. It's a non-literal expression.
    Sep 12 11:46:21 <+Murska> technically
    Sep 12 11:46:30 <+Murska> it could be possible to retrieve a word from someone's brain before he says it out loud
    Sep 12 11:46:36 <+Murska> but after he has the intention to say it
    Sep 12 11:46:49 <!MageKing17> His brain is not his mouth.
    Sep 12 11:47:04 <+Murska> Again, technically it's possible to place someone's brain inside his mouth.
    Sep 12 11:47:14 <+Murska> Would require quite some cramming though.
    Sep 12 11:47:29 <+Anonymous1157> Possibly a weapon, too.
    Sep 12 11:47:30 <+Narvius> Still, it wouldn't be his mouth.
    Sep 12 11:47:36 <!MageKing17> Indeed.
    Sep 12 11:47:38 <+Murska> Who cares? The word would still be 'from' his mouth.
    Sep 12 11:47:43 <+Murska> just from the brain inside his mouth.
    Sep 12 11:47:49 <!MageKing17> And hence not the mouth itself.
    Sep 12 11:47:57 <+Murska> Which is not what we're talking about.
    Sep 12 11:48:15 <+Anonymous1157> The word comes from the prepared but unsent electrical impulses addressed to the various muscles involved in saying the words.
    Sep 12 11:48:43 <+Murska> If my keys are in a drawer inside a house, the expression 'I'll go get my keys from my house.' is still valid.
    Sep 12 11:49:00 <!MageKing17> Actually, you'd usually say "I'll go get my keys from upstairs".
    Sep 12 11:49:04 <!MageKing17> (Or similar.)
    Sep 12 11:49:12 <+Murska> My house doesn't have upstairs.
    Sep 12 11:49:15 <+Anonymous1157> Well, your brain is metaphorically upstairs.
    Sep 12 11:49:17 <+Amarth> If you are not in your house but your keys are, then you might have a problem.
    Sep 12 11:49:24 <+Murska> Not if the house isn't locked.
    Sep 12 11:49:28 <!MageKing17> Because if you're nowhere near the house (and therefore a localization like "upstairs" doesn't make sense), why wouldn't you have your keys?
    Sep 12 11:49:37 <+Murska> You might've forgotten them.
    Sep 12 11:49:39 <+Anonymous1157> What if you ONLY need the car keys from the house?
    Sep 12 11:49:47 <!MageKing17> Then you'd say "I'll go get my car keys".
    Sep 12 11:50:06 <+Anonymous1157> Hyoomans drop the word "car" when it is implied what keys they need.
    Sep 12 11:50:20 <!MageKing17> Well, yes, in context, it's possible to just say "keys".
    Sep 12 11:50:23 <!MageKing17> However, we have no context.
    Sep 12 11:50:29 <+Murska> You could say that, but in a case like 'Where are you going?' 'I'm going to get the keys from my house, let's meet up in the cafe.' the expression is still valid.
    Sep 12 11:50:46 <!MageKing17> Actually, you'd probably say "my keys", not "the keys".
    Sep 12 11:50:57 <+Murska> What if they're not your keys?
    Sep 12 11:50:58 <+Anonymous1157> Maybe the cafe is locked.
    Sep 12 11:51:02 <!MageKing17> Then why do you have them?
    Sep 12 11:51:09 <+Anonymous1157> You own it!
    Sep 12 11:51:10 <+Murska> What if they're the specific keys you've been talking about for half an hour with the guy.
    Sep 12 11:51:18 <!MageKing17> Again, no context was given.
    Sep 12 11:51:25 <+Murska> But context was implied.
    Sep 12 11:51:49 <+Amarth> Bah, just type "get all" and the parser will figure it out.
    Sep 12 11:51:49 <+Murska> You need to take the viewpoint of the conversationee and not an outside observer.
    Sep 12 11:51:53 <+Murska>
    Sep 12 11:51:54 <!MageKing17> XD
    Sep 12 11:51:55 <+Murska> Amarth won.
    Sep 12 11:52:02 <!MageKing17> Indeed. Amarth wins this conversation.
    ("[...]" indicates where I cut out chats irrelevant to the conversation being quoted.)
    Pete 14 years ago
    You people are insane.

    I like it!
    E_net4 14 years ago
    [17] <Murska> 1 wolf 1 villager = both survive
    [17] <Murska> 2 wolves = villagers die
    [17] <Murska> 2 villagers = wolves die
    [17] <Murska> so if it's 1-1 the wolves have to kill each other?
    [17] <Murska> who resolves a nightkill vote tie?
    [17] <!MageKing17> Assuming it works anything like a tied lynch vote...
    [17] <+E_net4> A dice roll.
    [17] <!MageKing17> ...(the way Wolfbot handles it)...
    [17] <!MageKing17>'s random.
    [17] <Murska> which is a dumb way to end the game
    [17] <Murska> dice rolls who wins?
    [17] <+E_net4>
    [17] <+E_net4> Exactly, Murksa.
    [17] <+E_net4> Murska*
    [17] <+E_net4> lulz, typoe.
    [17] <+E_net4> Mur Ksa!
    [17] <+E_net4> Muk Sar!
    [17] <+E_net4> Suk Mar!
    [17] <!MageKing17> Muck Csar?
    [17] <+E_net4> Sak Rum!
    [17] <Murska> Mock Czar
    [17] <+E_net4> Rum Sack!
    [17] <!MageKing17> Now that sounds good.
    [17] <Murska> ^^
    [17] <Murska> Rum Sack, the Mock Czar of the land of Mur Ska.
    [17] <!MageKing17> Also, cookies.
    [17] <Murska> Nah, no cookies.
    Anonymous1157 14 years ago
    'Scuse my narcissism for posting a quote I helped create, but the mythology of Monkkonenchat expanded by one species and one fashion today.
    [14] <Anonymous1157> I'm gonna need to put a fan in it. It's REALLY hot now.
    [14] <Anonymous1157> It's an un-seen-for consequence methinks.
    [14] <Grim_Reaper> Anonymous1157: UNFORESEEN
    [14] <Anonymous1157> I know.
    [14] <Anonymous1157> HAW HAW, I PISSED GRIMZEH OFF LOLOLOL
    [14] <Grim_Reaper> Did not. :\
    [14] <Grim_Reaper> The very notion is absurd.
    [14] <Anonymous1157> Why the yelling, then?
    [14] <Grim_Reaper> Not yelling
    [14] <Grim_Reaper> Capitalization FOR EMPHASIS, LOL
    [14] <Anonymous1157> Lolwut@u for making sense lololol
    [14] <Narvius> @grimsy
    [14] <Hambot2> Narvius: Grim would rather have you call him Grim.
    [14] <Narvius> xD
    [14] <Grim_Reaper> Yarr
    [14] <Grim_Reaper> If you want to be cutesy, "Grimmy" is an acceptable substitute.
    [14] <Narvius> Grimmy, eh.
    [14] * Anonymous1157 has a happee
    [14] <Narvius> Reminds me of Granny.
    [14] <Anonymous1157> Well, hey. We're Nanny Moose and Granny Grim-Zoe.
    [14] <Grim_Reaper> Grimshoe?
    [14] <Grim_Reaper> Granny Grimshoe. lolwut
    [14] <Narvius> xDxDxD
    [14] <Narvius> lolololololololol
    [14] |<-- Amarth has left (Read error: Operation timed out)
    [14] <Narvius> We're so silly, it forced Amarth out.
    [14] <Narvius> Now we'll use that parent pointer that caused so much trouble.
    [14] <Grim_Reaper> We disrupted his operation.
    [14] <Narvius> Wrong -.-
    [14] <Anonymous1157> I might piss me if it gets any more silly.
    [14] <Grim_Reaper> Wrong chat lol
    [14] <Narvius> xD
    [14] <Narvius> LET'S BE SILLY THEN
    [14] <Grim_Reaper> Stop that! Stop that! Now I demand that you stop being silly!
    [14] <Grim_Reaper> Directooor...
    [14] <Grim_Reaper> CUT!
    [14] * Narvius falls to the ground, halved by the mighty cut.
    [14] <Anonymous1157> And if your demands cannot be met in a suitable quantity of time? *Tips his top hat*
    [14] <Grim_Reaper> Then your quantity will be demanded in a suitably timely fashion. *tops his tip with a hat*
    [14] * Narvius dissolves into a lot of timely quantity suited for fashion.
    [14] * Anonymous1157 acquires this suitable quantity of timely fashionable substance and wears it
    [14] <Narvius> xD
    [14] <Anonymous1157> Fashionable AND timely! Does it not suit my quantities?
    [14] <Grim_Reaper> No, but I think it quantifies your suit.
    Crazy 14 years ago
    Hey, remember when we had quotes from the forum here because people ACTUALLY POSTED IN THE FORUMS?

    Good times, good times.

    "Ville" said:
    Thanks for noticing that Anonymous, it's a last minute bug I put in hastily.
    Might be having a comeback, those.
    Anonymous1157 14 years ago
    Here's the problem. Back when we were living those good old times, the forum was actually quite active. Thirty people being logged in at once wasn't too hard a goal to attain, and now-legendary members and nuisances ('Ole Waffle and ASD, respectively) were still around and active.

    The truth is, until Driftmoon is released, these forums will never be as lively as they once were ever again. (And they certainly won't ever look good again graphically.)

    Now that you're here, do ya think I should post The Best Summary Ever, or is it too R-rated to bother?
    Crazy 14 years ago
    Oooh! No, it's not too R-rated, definately post it, i thought it was hilarious.
    Anonymous1157 14 years ago
    16:25 <+Crazy> Grim, why are you so fired up about the KOR-FX thingamajig?
    16:25 <%Grim_Reaper> Because
    16:26 <%Grim_Reaper> * Because.
    16:26 <+Crazy> I a rumblepack that sits on your chest. :/
    16:26 <+Anonymous1157> If anyone can come up with a way to make normal headphones into bonephone subwoofers, I'LL BUILD ONE.
    16:26 <+Crazy> Bonephone subwoofers exist.
    16:26 <+Crazy> To a degree.
    16:26 <+Crazy> In-ears.
    16:27 <%Grim_Reaper> Crazy: in-ears? what
    16:27 <+Crazy> They send bass vibration straight to the skull.
    16:27 <+Anonymous1157> The chest is better.
    16:27 <%Grim_Reaper> Yeah, but these send the vibres into the CHEST CAVITY.
    16:27 <+Crazy> Which is WORSE. Because you don't use your chest cavity to hear.
    16:27 <%Grim_Reaper> Place what recieves vibres when you speak, and is thus connected to the areas of brain that are about YOU.
    16:28 <%Grim_Reaper> It's not the HEARING.
    16:28 <%Grim_Reaper> It's the FEELING.
    16:28 <+Crazy> Yes.
    16:28 <+Crazy> It's a rumblepack.
    16:28 <+Crazy> Glorified.
    16:28 <%Grim_Reaper> Glorified enough for me to want it.
    16:28 <+Anonymous1157> Exactly why I would build my own.
    16:28 <%Grim_Reaper> RIGHT. NOW.
    16:28 <%Grim_Reaper> And it works on any regular audio data.
    16:29 <+Crazy> ...i am an audiophile and i do not understand you, but go ahead, then.
    16:29 <+Anonymous1157> You're an audiophile? We're all audiophiles here.
    16:29 <%Grim_Reaper> ...we are?
    16:29 <+Anonymous1157> I nitpick low quality, Crazy nitpicks spending money, and Grim wants a vibrator.
    16:30 <+Crazy> xD
    16:30 <+Crazy> Best summary EVER.
    Crazy 14 years ago
    Here's some burst fire naughty quotes.

    <Amarth> Researchers were conducting a study comparing the views of men in their 20s who had never been exposed to pornography with regular users.
    <Amarth> But their project stumbled at the first hurdle when they failed to find a single man who had not been seen it.
    <Amarth> <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... -find.html</a><!-- m -->
    <Thaif> The study found that men watched pornography that matched their own image of sexuality, and quickly discarded material they found offensive or distasteful.
    <Thaif> WHAT
    <Thaif> So you mean people have standards!? WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN
    <Crazy> Amarth, you're right, but two things i feel like mentioning:
    <Grim_Reaper> Crazy: First thing being "cocks"?
    <Crazy> 1: What you said is not correct in all cases.
    <Crazy> 2: I was mostly joking, he has a point.
    <Crazy> And, uh...
    <Amarth> Cocks.
    <Crazy> 3: Cocks.
    <Amarth> Also. Balls.
    <Crazy> I'm glad we're all gay for cocks.
    Amarth 14 years ago
    <Anonymous1157> Amarth's post count is 1157.
    Is not.
    E_net4 14 years ago
    "Amarth" said:
    <Anonymous1157> Amarth's post count is 1157.
    Is not.
    Amarth and his Santa Hat strikes again!
    Anonymous1157 14 years ago
    Well, it was until he posted.


    LIAR PARADOX! *Self-destruct*
    E_net4 14 years ago
    "Anonymous1157" said:
    Well, it was until he posted.


    LIAR PARADOX! *Self-destruct*
    Quoted fer funneh

    Also, moar silliness:
    [16] <+Thaif> So what modeling programme(sic) do you use?
    [16] <%Grim_Reaper> He be using Wings3D
    [16] <+E_net4> Read logz.
    [16] <+Anonymous1157> Wings3D.
    [16] <+E_net4> I hate myself.
    [16] <+Anonymous1157> I also use Kerkythea for rendering.
    [16] <+Anonymous1157> (I probably spelled it wrong again.)
    [16] <+Joozey> 5 fps for 6k polies?
    [16] <+Joozey> quads or triangles?
    [16] <+E_net4> That's what I thought.
    [16] <+Thaif> Why not Blender?
    [16] <+E_net4> That still looks low.
    [16] <+Joozey> Why not 3ds max 9?
    [16] <+Anonymous1157> Blender? HAVE YOU LOST YOUR NUTS?
    [16] <+E_net4> And Blender is more advanced.
    [16] <+E_net4> AND 3DS MAX IS COMMERSHAL
    [16] <+Joozey> Blender is nice.
    [16] <+Joozey> SO RIP IT
    [16] <%Grim_Reaper> The question is, "will it blend?"
    [16] <+Anonymous1157> On a P2!?
    [16] <+E_net4> XD
    [16] <+Anonymous1157> XD
    [16] <+Joozey> XD
    [16] <+E_net4> XD parteh
    [16] <+Anonymous1157> XD XD XD
    [16] <+E_net4> XDXDXD
    [16] <+Joozey> XD
    [16] <+Anonymous1157> LOL XD
    [16] <+E_net4> XD XD XD XD XD
    [16] <+Joozey> COMBO
    [16] <+E_net4> Breaker?
    [16] <+Anonymous1157> NNN TSS NNN TSS NNN TSS NNN TSS
    [16] <+Joozey> Partly.
    [16] <+E_net4>
    Anonymous1157 14 years ago quality brainfarts courtesy of Joozey and Amarth. (Well, I laughed.)
    16:50 < Joozey> Is there pressure within artificially steered particles?
    16:51 < Vacuus> Ah right
    16:51 < Joozey> If so, you could force particles to travel around to create your vacuum sphere.
    16:51 < Amarth> Err. Not sure what you mean there.
    16:52 < Joozey> meneither but it sounded good
    Anonymous1157 14 years ago
    Not a double post on account of the post times. Also, some people wouldn't notice the post if I did an edit and their new post tickers didn't kick off.

    Anyhow, terrible jokes in the chatroom. Hey, look, I said something funny.
    16:40 <!Grim_Reaper> What's red and smells like blue paint?
    16:40 <+Narvius> red paint, perhaps?
    16:40 <!Grim_Reaper> Aye
    16:40 <+Anonymous1157> ... Oh. I thought the answer was a blue spy.
    16:40 <+Narvius> xD
    16:41 <+Joozey> xP
    16:43 <+Crazy> xD
    E_net4 14 years ago
    I regret myself not being there in that moment.
    MageKing17 14 years ago
    "Anonymous1157" said:
    Not a double post on account of the post times. Also, some people wouldn't notice the post if I did an edit and their new post tickers didn't kick off.
    Click "edit". Make your modifications. Copy the entire new post. Delete the old post. Repost the new version. Poof, you have edited your post *and* set off new post notifications (the only downside is that it now says it was originally posted when you edited it, but who cares about that).
    Anonymous1157 14 years ago
    "MageKing17" said:
    Click "edit". Make your modifications. Copy the entire new post. Delete the old post. Repost the new version. Poof, you have edited your post *and* set off new post notifications.
    I already knew about that. Too lazy to do it this time around.

    ... Oh, E, speaking of being there live, I'm acquaintances with the female gamer cousin of one of the original Leeroy Jenkins party members. (How's THAT for epic?!)
    E_net4 14 years ago
    Sometimes I just forget the IRC client is already on, and so I launch another one. This time, I made use of my mistake and attempted to create some comedy. It failed because I shuffled the clients.
    [01] <+Mikeenet> <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
    (At this point I thought: "What if...")
    [01] * Mikeenet slaps Mikeenet.
    [01] * E_net4 ( Quit ( Quit: Slapped. )
    [01] <+Mikeenet> ..Wait, what.
    Anonymous1157 14 years ago
    20:06 <+Crazy> Ha, you know what would suck?
    20:06 <!MageKing17> What?
    20:06 <+Crazy> If you birthday was on 9/11.
    20:06 <!MageKing17> Yes, that would suck.
    20:07 <!MageKing17> Especially if you were born in 2001.
    20:07 <+Crazy> It's, like, Woo, i'm happy, noo, i'm sad, now i'm happy again but now i'm sad.
    20:07 <+Amarth> Story of my life.
    20:07 <+Amarth> Well, not the 9/11 part.
    20:08 <+Amarth> And perhaps not the sad part.
    20:08 <!MageKing17> So the story of your life is "Woo, I'm happy, now I'm happy again"?
    I wish that was the story of MY life.
    Anonymous1157 14 years ago
    "Pato, in the Wazzall II thread," said:
    When the Laser Bean...
    I'm going to hell if I don't stop posting these.
    MageKing17 14 years ago
    <+E_net4> One day I found out that AnyNowhere with ROT13 is NalAbjurer.
    <!MageKing17> Why bother sticking "Any" on there?
    <!MageKing17> Nowhere = Abjurer is fascinating.
    <+Crazy> 'tis
    <+Crazy> Seriously, it gives you the chills.
    <+E_net4> MK: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
    <+E_net4> FFS
    <+E_net4> Also, wiki Nal.
    <!MageKing17> National Aerospace Laboratories?
    <!MageKing17> New American Library?
    <!MageKing17> Network Abstraction Layer?
    <!MageKing17> National Alliance of Liberals?
    <+Crazy> "Nowhere is Abjurer, Liam!"?
    <!MageKing17> Liam NEESON?
    <+Crazy> NO THE OTHER ONE
    <!MageKing17> OH SNAP which one
    <+Crazy> THE OTHER ONE
    <+Crazy> "LIAM THE OTHER ONE"!
    <!MageKing17> LTOO?
    <+Crazy> YES!
    <+Crazy> NO HE'S IRISH
    <!MageKing17> LTOO is pretty nice guy. Eh abjures nowhere and doesn't afraid of anything.
    E_net4 14 years ago
    Hey... I was there but I didn't notice the joke.
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