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Removing death?

roburky 16 years ago
I've been playing a lot of Mount & Blade recently. It's a medieval combat game. A bit like playing one guy in a campaign of the Total War series. One of the things it does that surprised me was that the player cannot die. If you fall in battle, you are merely wounded. If your side is winning, they drag you away. If the enemy is winning, you get captured, to later escape or be traded in a prisoner exchange. Your army is gone, and you've lost some equipment, but the game carries on.

I'm not sure the way Notrium is built is particularly suited to something with game-ending death, because of the lack of autosaves. I personally never think about saving my game when I'm playing anything, and am pretty dependent on things like autosaves. Perhaps a Notrium mod would benefit from the game being ale to continue after 'failure'.

I was wondering how you might build something like this into a Notrium mod. Both in concept (be moved to a new area, lose some equipment?) and execution (how would you accomplish it with the code?).

Any thoughts?
Redemption 16 years ago
Effect 21 can take you to a new area, as for the equipment...
You could be teleported to a prisoner holding cell in Ville corp area with all your items removed until you find where they stored your stuff (can be made with an inventory switch).

You could also make the player fall unconscious for a time, unable to move until they recover. There could be problems if the enemy that killed the player stays in the same place though (wake up, killed again).

If the player drops plot_objects at regular intervals they could work as autosaves if death makes the player teleport back to them.

There are plenty of ways to make death less final. I can think of a few easily made ways (Most involve effect 21).
michael15286 15 years ago
Please keep working on it.
I would love to see this feature in a mod.
Forum » Removing death?

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