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    Grim Reaper 16 years ago
    Did you remember to write the stuff on the image into the box below the image?
    Cobrask 16 years ago
    The four charecter code? yes. I click the button after that and it says at the bottom that the download is invalid, i've tried it on several of the mirrors, but to no avail
    Aegis 16 years ago
    After I told a friend about the "Awesomeness of Notrium Modding" he started claiming that Notrium was the worst game ever made in the history of the universe, because in default there was a weight limit to the amount of items you could carry. When I told him that I was making a mod he laughed and said it was just using a map-editor. So he challenged me to make a mod about Sonic in 30 minutes, and here it is:

    <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

    Be warned: it is dangerously random.
    MageKing17 16 years ago
    "Aegis" said:
    he started claiming that Notrium was the worst game ever made in the history of the universe, because in default there was a weight limit to the amount of items you could carry.
    (emphasis mine)

    What the fucking hell is your friend smoking?!
    Aegis 16 years ago
    Nothing in this world can make Notrium bad. My hypothesis is that he smoked a mixture of fairy dust and teeth which belonged to a bird. I'm also going to post a mod which I spent about 1 year of stops and starts on, once I fix it up some stuff up in it, expect it posted.

    It features:
    "Borrowed" textures from just about any mod you can think of.
    Dual wielding - only works with handguns so-far
    Reloading / weapon clips
    Many vehicles (2)
    Right click to throw grenade
    Squad commands
    Alternate fire modes
    An un-reloadable shotgun
    If an enemy is standing in water when electricity stuff happens...ouch
    Mission based
    Shield system similar to Halo
    The blood and ammo-shells which made Aleryon Betrayal so good
    Complicated weaponry (stuff happen to the bullet mid-way during flight)
    Destructible stuff
    High explosives
    A lock-and-fire missile (you need to acquire a target first)

    Sounds complicated? You bet it is!
    Pete 16 years ago
    Futhermore, it is impossible!

    ...well, at least the right click grenage thing is.
    Flex 16 years ago
    "Pete" said:
    Futhermore, it is impossible!

    ...well, at least the right click grenage thing is.
    It is possible. Just a script that checks for right clicks and fires a weapon.
    Pete 16 years ago
    ...yeah, cept if I recall correctly, you cant check for right clicks.
    MageKing17 16 years ago
    If I recall correctly, it's been done before. Just don't remember where.
    Aegis 16 years ago
    "Pete" said:
    Futhermore, it is impossible!

    ...well, at least the right click grenage thing is.

    It is possible. I've already coded it!
    Right clicking changes the weapon and there is a condition of whether a mouse button is being pressed or not. So there! (insert smiley with tongue poking out, this is the closest:
    Anarion 16 years ago
    "Aegis" said:
    he started claiming that Notrium was the worst game ever made in the history of the universe
    Tell him to try a few of these...I guarantee he'll change his opinion.
    Crazy 16 years ago
    (insert smiley with tongue poking out, this is the closest:

    That... IS a smiley with tongue poking out.
    Aegis 16 years ago
    Hmmm...I always thought that it was a smiley with it's mouth open...
    (sticks head right up to screen) Oh! It is a tongue. I am about halfway to making my mod releasable (v0.01)!!!

    NEW: I'm having HEAPS of trouble with my scripts. Usually a minimum of 27 scripts are running every 100 milliseconds, and less. With a maximum of about 35 scripts running at once. Now all of my scripts are going bananas, with widely unexpected results, such as: when reloading your assault rifle you instantly transport to mission 2, on 200 health, start bleeding, and then the game usually crashes at that point. Is this possible because Notrium can't handle all those scripts???
    Redemption 16 years ago
    It's probably a glitch, if the game couldn't handle that many scripts at one time it would either lag or crash. You might be able to lower the number of scripts running by using wield scripts in items.dat. You may (and probably are) doing this already though. You should check the script for the assault rifle reload to see if that has the glitch (and all scripts related to the assault rifle if that one is fine).
    Aegis 16 years ago
    The thing which really disturbs me is the fact that I moved the coding of the script to another script number, and it worked fine. I also might as well release my mod pretty soon, no matter how much glitches it has. I guess to truly appreciate my mod you need to realise that it was built up from Barebones, is more complicated then any other mod I know (35 scripts at once!) and that I made it, meaning that it should be an international treasure.
    MageKing17 16 years ago
    "Aegis" said:
    The thing which really disturbs me is the fact that I moved the coding of the script to another script number, and it worked fine.
    It is entirely possible that you were accidentally using the same identifier twice, overwriting a script and causing wierd behavior.

    Or it's possible you weren't and one of your scripts was fubar'd, and you just NOW overwrote it, so it stops giving you trouble.
    Aegis 16 years ago
    Utter OMG, lol, lol, lol!!!! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY SCRIPTS WAS ACTING UP BECAUSE I FORGOT TO END EFFECTS FOR ONE LITTLE SCRIPT!!!!! When I fixed it and then started a new game, BOOM! all this stuff which never worked before happened all at once! HOORAY!

    EDIT: Stuff removed which doesn't make sense, click on the link on my signature for a link to the mods latest version.
    P.S: W00T!
    Crazy 16 years ago

    Many people have come around asking where to get these mods, as many a download link is broken, only to be replied by an irritated Harwe pointing them to his sig, saying it's painfully obvious.

    But it's not, really. So i'm making this post here, since it seems the most logical location.

    YOU CAN DOWNLOAD A BUNCH OF MODS FROM HARWE'S PAGE: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
    Aegis 16 years ago
    Anyway, I've made another mod. This time focusing on how crap Doom 1 is by today's standards.
    I'm wondering if I should make it available. Think of my Sonic mod, but make it a bit better. Ok...My Sonic mod was utter crap. So think of it as a lot better.

    Awesome music.
    Leekspin music. (<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
    Mario music.
    Utter crap vampire music from my least favourite album. Ever.
    Self-made recordings of me being a chainsaw, fire and guns.
    Textures I drew myself. (Get ready for a world of pain)
    The BFG. It fires the Bio F-something Gauss...i dunno... a Big Friendly Giant, a Bent French Guy, a Blue Flower Garden and Big Flaming Goo.
    A shotgun, rapid-fire weapon, handgun, chainsaw which automatically kills the AI system somehow and a Rapid Fire Rocket Launcher all with unlimited ammo.
    Generic level design.
    12 areas.
    Repeats of Bowsers.

    The Bosses
    1. Bowser
    2. Mario and Luigi
    3. Naruto
    4. Generic Doom Boss
    5. Diddy Kong (not really a boss. Flies around and dies in 10 seconds...)
    6. Soldiers
    7. Professor Von Fluffchops with his patented Nuke Firing Minigun
    8. Vampire with crap album music
    9. Master Chief who transforms into Duke Nukem
    10. The final boss...CHUCK NORRIS. With insta-kill roundhouse kick.

    This time it was made in 3 days, not 30 minutes.
    I'll release it if anyone wants me to.
    Amarth 16 years ago
    Okay, WTF. If it's as good as it sounds, I want it.
    Crazy 16 years ago
    There's a generic doom boss?
    Aegis 16 years ago if Doom did have a boss then it would breathe fire and have 10000% more health.
    Crazy 16 years ago
    Doom had bosses. And i certainly wouldn't call them generic. I guess the "generic" doom boss would be a giant muscular devilish-looking cyborg dude with exposed viscerals, beige-brown skin and a rocket launcher.
    Aegis 16 years ago
    Plans for new mod:
    The direct sequel to my craptaculastic Doom mod.
    You shoot locusts (those small bug things)
    Players will know that if you press the reload button a timer bar charges up and if press it at the right second you get a reload speed boost, I will obviously exaggerate this.

    You will transport to a random area where you must with buttons in time to the following songs (complete with the brick-headed star dancing with his brick posse)
    The songs will be:
    1. Rick Roll (I couldn't help it...sorry)
    2. The song that goes "ou e ou a a ting tang walla walla bing bang"
    3. More:
    Go to <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> it has the most annoying songs ever written. Expect them.

    I've never played Gears of War, so you know it will be accurate. Expect plenty of French berets.

    Please turn the music volume in the options menu up to max, or else you won't be able to hear anything
    Due to a horrible childhood accident involving a matter transporter, your face was fused with a brick. As a result your face was permanently morphed into a rectangular shape, along with a permanent scowl at nothing in particular. You must kill Chuck Norris for some reason so that you can return to your normal form somehow.

    I recommend that you let Chuck Norris roundhouse kick you once, for possible laughs.
    Abandon all hope ye who enter here
    Teshin 16 years ago
    SepeMod is out, but I stopped working on it....Don't worry, there is a final version available

    z5151 15 years ago
    "Idiota" said:
    Tribal Warfare

    A mod that's all about making a nest and beating other tribes.

    Here's the link:

    <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ...</a><!-- m -->

    the link is broken but i realy want it.
    themados 15 years ago
    i'm not sure but i got it of ether harwe's Sig or anonymous' Sig
    Hope that helps
    ZeXLR8er 15 years ago
    Old link
    Idiota 15 years ago
    Fancy. Gonna give this one a try in the coming days (in between studying for exams ofc.)
    E_net4 15 years ago
    Sendspace won't let me download the mod. Could you upload a mirror?
    ZeXLR8er 15 years ago
    WAZZAL II: The Final Dawn - Build 5 released!

    A major new build of Wazzal II has been released! Download it from the link below!
    (does not require Build 4; just do a fresh install with this file)

    THEN download the "Wazzal II The Final Dawn - 5.03" from this attachment, and extract over the Notrium folder! (for details on what this patch fixes, see below.)

    Build 5 is another major, major release. Some of the major features/changes between this and Build 4:

    [list] [*] Trainable Wa-wolf; a loyal pet that can be trained from a captured baby Wa-wolf
    [/*:m][*] Plexi-steel cages that can be set up to capture Wa-wolfs on Kinmegag 71
    [/*:m][*] Laser rifle - high rate of fire long range version of the laser pistol
    [/*:m][*] Poisonous darts - short range projectile weapon produced by combining Poisonous Fruit found on certain trees with Wood; slowly drains a creatures health until they die, also makes creature lose all control of its movements.
    [/*:m][*] Call in Airstrike - calls in a devastating Confederate missile airstrike to the region on which your mouse cursor is positioned when you fire
    [/*:m][*] Painkillers - makes you impervious to any damage for a 20 second period
    [/*:m][*] Flamethrower - fires a burning cloud of fuel over an enemy, burning them to death in seconds
    [/*:m][*] Cloaking Device; works similarly to the Stealth Shield, however for ships
    [/*:m][*] Batteries. Available from store, and can be used like health packs to recharge batteries
    [/*:m][*] Slime: can be harvested from Glouibi slugs from the moon of Naquarin
    [/*:m][*] Three top secret and immensely powerful Alien items/weapons
    [/*:m][*] Bear/wolf meat that can be cooked
    [/*:m][*] Bear/wolf skins that can be sold at a shop

    [/*:m][*] New ship weapons/upgrades: Twin Laser Cannon (more powerful version of the Small Laser Cannon) and Particle Cannon (an extremely high rate of fire projectile weapon that uses ammunition instead of energy; Wazzal fans will remember it)
    [/*:m][*] Confederacy Battleships can now be taken fully under your control. The also now have a fearsome secondary weapon, accessed by right clicking
    [/*:m][*] Confederacy Transports now periodically drop supplies to aid you in battle

    [/*:m][*] New areas: Kinmegag 71, ice planet. Moon of Kinmegag. Moon of Naquarin. The Planet formally known as Errxelz (major area; hidden)
    [/*:m][*] New missions: Major mission: launch a suprise raid and destroy all enemy landed fighters on runways in the former Errxelz system. Send out emergency warning to the Confederacy from the Interplanetary Signal Array on Kinmegag 71
    [/*:m][*] New creatures: Adult and baby Wa-wolfs, Ka-bears. Both can be killed and skinned using a combat knife. Glouibi slugs
    [/*:m][*] Added new defenses: flame thrower armed pillbox

    [/*:m][*] Five 'brand-new' music tracks! Especially made by Ville!
    [/*:m][*] Low gravity areas!
    [/*:m][*] Several standard items are now distributed at random across the surface of planets (health packs, batteries etc)
    [/*:m][*] Alien fighters that fly over terrestrial systems now fire from the air unless you take cover
    [/*:m][*] Tanks now have a secondary Machine Gun weapon, accessed by right-clicking
    [/*:m][*] There are now three Alien Motherships patrolling the Amoza System; allows for re-spawning of Alien Fighters
    [/*:m][*] The classic spacepod trick of going up and down between the wrapped borders of Kravaak System to avoid the aliens no longer works
    [/*:m][*] Cloaking Device and Stealth Shield now use less energy, however are deactivated once the player fires a weapon
    [/*:m][*] Terrain effects no longer affect you when wearing the jetpack
    [/*:m][*] Googles no longer disappear from inventory after use, and can be deactivated
    [/*:m][*] Reworked tank, pillbox and turret control systems. Now tanks can be used by pressing T, and turrents and pillboxes both by pressing C. A lot harder than it sounds; hopefully it's a lot less buggy now.
    [/*:m][*] Weapons/items that require a certain rank to purchase now do not appear in store until you reach that rank
    [/*:m][*] Shooting down an alien fighter on a planet now gives you PP
    [/*:m][*] Added new Fuel bar for Flame Throwers and Jetpacks
    [/*:m][*] Added Fuel Pumps; work similarly to Health and Energy Pools
    [/*:m][*] New large crystal formations in the mines
    [/*:m][*] Completely reworked all Weapons Classes so that different species now have immunity/resistance/susceptibility to different weapon types (laser/projectile/flame etc)
    [/*:m][*] All planet, system and Confederate officer's names have been changed to have special significance. Think Var Equinallin...
    [/*:m][*] And how could I forget? Yar can be a dirty Pirate, me hearties! Arrr!

    Fixed in Patch 5.03 of Wazzal II: The Final Dawn - Build 5:[/*:m]
    [*] Fixed the long lag encountered when entering the Errxelz (former) system.[/*:m]
    [*] Trialling another method to solve the unsolvable bug: preventing enemy battleships from spawning new Alien fighters when you are out of their specific area, which caused you to be defeated instantly when you returned.[/*:m]
    [*] Alien egg-layers on the Errxelz (former) system now properly drop three different Alien weapons/items when killed.[/*:m]
    [*] Right-clicking on the Captain's chair on the bridge of the Wolf IV no longer teleports you to the Moon of Naquarin. [/*:m]
    [*] Wa-wolves should now behave a little less like they have epilepsy.[/*:m]
    [*] Added new Confederacy Repair Docks.[/*:m][/list:u]

    Before you play, several pointers/directions:

    [list][*] Save regularly. This build is as bug-free as I can make it, but because I am stretching the Notrium engine just about as far as it can go with a lot of what I'm doing, it pays to back up.[/*:m]
    [*] If you drop or use items to reduce weight when overburdened but your move speed is still reduced, simply save the game and reload it, and it should work perfectly again. [/*:m]
    [*] Make sure you play the mod for at least 1/2 an hour! At the 30 minute mark, big things will start to happen...[/*:m][/list:u]

    ForceUser, Ville Monkkonen, Quanrian, Uberwaffe, Casanova, Armarth, MageKing17, Industriebrot

    ForceUser, MageKing17, Quanrian, Idiota, Erendor, Slyvena, Uberwaffe, Peter, Moon832, Daz_T

    I hope everyone enjoys this. Once again, please give me a summary in the Wazzal II: The Final Dawn thread of what you like about the mod, what you don't like, what you think should be changed, any ideas for new features, and most importantly, any errors or bugs you find!

    Tell me what you think, guys!
    DrLector 15 years ago
    My cannibalism mod (A.K.A, Alone), not actually playable yet but I intend on releasing future versions.

    <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... c6b1248746</a><!-- m -->

    please read the readme before playing as it will explain most questions anyone may have.
    DRL 14 years ago
    Here is my new project: Galactic Core (Former "T.W. Modified by DRL):
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