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  • Werivar Mod

    UberWaffe 19 years ago
    This thread is to discuss the mod I made for Notrium. I have to warn you that I have a lot of stuff still to do in the mod and the mod isn't at all original. It is basically just another expansion type mod. I basically just made it in order to learn modding. But I ended up adding so much that I decided to host it anyway.

    Link: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
    (UberWaffe's Werivar Mod v1.0)

    Here is a list of stuff I added to the game, this is repeated in the readme:
    New Stuff added:
    -The Werivar race. Like human but can use some psionic skills. (Still very incomplete.)
    -Battledroid. Strong ally that you can construct once you
    find the parts and the blueprints
    -Notrium is much bigger now. Many areas are simply jungle,
    they contain aliens and very few items.
    -Notrium is more random now.
    -There is now 3 hive sectors. Hive, east of hive, west of hive.
    -Hive now has far more aliens that normally. Contains Dire Reapers.
    -East of hive. Many aliens. Massive abandoned bunker with lots of stuff. But it was deserted for a reason!
    -West of hive. Nothing special. Many aliens.
    -The desert area will now KILL YOU VERY VERY QUICKLY during the day. You need enviro armor
    or go during the night.
    -The ship cemetary is OVERFLOWING with items. But it is on the other side of the three hive sectors. And it is
    being well guarded by automated defences. Be warned.
    -Eden a place of extremes now. Eden rain heals MUCH faster. Eden creatures MUCH worse. Healing plants
    and electric plants regrow in Eden.
    -Some electric and healing plants regrow. But mainly only in Eden.
    -Hermit now asks you for a sniper pistol and power armor once he has a pistol. Drop them both near him at the same time
    and you will get a better ally. (He will be stronger and have a sniper pistol)
    -The days and nights are longer now. You will need to actually start using fires and shades to stay warm / cool.
    Camping at night is now a good idea, since using your flashlight the whole night long will put a strain on your battery.
    -There are some Human and Android survivors from the spaceship on the planet. Find them and they will follow you.
    -One Unique ending for Android.
    -Unique ending for psionic
    -Added something to make Notrium get MORE hostile if you stay too long. So you have two choices. Escape quickly
    or prepare to have a hard time later on.
    -There is a bunch of other stuff... I think. But they elude me right now.

    New Weapons:
    -Pulse warp laser. Fires one accurate warp laser in the middle and several inaccurate,
    low damage, spread lasers. Energy weapon, high energy drain.
    -Bazooka. Fires rockets, requires no ammo, VERY LONG reload time
    -Dual pistols. EXTREME fire rate. But be prepared to watch your ammo vanish very quickly.
    -Advanced Flame Thrower. Long range flame thrower. Potent.
    -Laser Shotgun. Fires a spread of lasers. Medium energy drain.
    -Warp Drill Gun. Fires a high damage, large spread of particles. Low energy drain.
    Note: Warp Drill Gun slowly recharges energy while equipped. Difficult weapon to obtain.
    -Advanced Turrets: Pulse Laser Turret, Dual Machine Gun Turret, Flame Turret.

    New Items:
    -Biomass reactor. Uses brown alien corpses to generate bio-batteries. Unusable by Android or Psionic.
    Tip: Try experimenting with the battery charger.
    -Powered Item detector. Item detector without energy drain.
    -Powered array detector. Item / Biomass detector without energy drain. Bigger range.
    -Power suit. Allows you to carry more. Heavy armor. Provides very slow energy recharging.
    -Battledroid blueprints. Needed to make battledroid and missile launcher.
    Tip: It's a cool item so look for it in a COOL place.

    Changes to Psionic:
    -Psionic portals now detectable by Psionic motion skill
    -Psionic motion skill now also detects items.
    -Psionic motion skill drains more energy.
    -Psionic can level up. Tip: Try using your Psionic key.
    -Psionic gains Psionic reminders at certain stages.
    -Psionic reminders give you the combinations of the tokens to
    form certain items.
    -Psionic can now use the planetoid ending but it is different from
    planetoid ending of the other races.
    -The Psionic can't get the Marine or Queen ending.
    -The Psionic can gain super Psionic skills, if certain conditions are met.
    Tip: If you have gained some levels with the Psionic, don't be too hasty to
    do so again. Stockpile a bit.

    Changes to Droid:
    -More health
    -Regenerates Health very slowly
    -Higher Max energy
    -Energy drain higher
    -Can upgrade itself with certain items.
    -One ending changes to Unique ending. If certain conditions are met.
    -Can carry more

    Changes to Human:
    -Can gain levels
    -Gains XP by staying healthy and well fed.

    Changes to Alien:
    -Can evolve further.
    -Higher evolution grants extra health, better weapons, etc.

    NEW RACE: Werivar
    Somewhat like human but can use Psionic skills.
    Starts with very few psionic skills. Gains new skills if energy regeneration is high enough.
    (Energy regeneration is increased by gaining levels and choosing the 'Level Up - Energy' Skill)
    -Good starting health.
    -Bad starting energy.
    -Gets hungry very quickly.
    -Loses health fast if starving.
    -Can carry little.
    -Gains XP by staying above 100 Health and 160 Food. (Healthy and Fed)
    -Starts with the following Psionic skills.
    -Blast Level 1 = Normal Blast attack
    -Psi-Tempreture = Acts like enviro armor
    -Psi-sense level 1 = Acts like a combination of biomass detector and item scanner
    -psi-heal level 1 = Sacrifice 20 energy for 20 health.
    -Can gain the following Psionic skills.
    -Blast Level 2 -> 5
    -Psi-Sense Level 2 -> 5
    -Psi-Heal Level 2 -> 5
    -Psi-armor Level 1 -> 5
    -Psi-Freeze Level 1 -> 5
    -Psi-speed = Dash
    -Psi-Poison Level 1 -> 5
    -Psi-Control Level 1 -> 5
    -Psi-Drain Level 1 -> 5
    -Psi-Time manipulation Level 1 -> 5
    -Psi-Sleep = Character cannot move or attack for a time but regenerates health and energy
    -Psi-Ally Level 1 -> 2 (Incomplete)
    -Psi-Recall = Teleports to a marker
    -Marker Alpha = First marker, can be placed anywhere and teleported to with Recall
    -Marker Beta = Second marker, can be placed anywhere and teleported to with Recall
    -Marker Delta = Third marker, can be placed anywhere and teleported to with Recall
    -Marker Gamma = Fourth marker, can be placed anywhere and teleported to with Recall

    Level up system for Human / Werivar:
    Once the bar reaches the proper amount it will reset to 0 and give you four items
    These are: Strength, Health, Energy, All
    Using any one of these causes you to lose all four, gaining only the bonus of the one you picked.
    So choose the skill you want to gain this time round and then wait to level up again.
    Note: There is no limit to the number of levels any charater can gain. (Except that it takes long).

    Strength - Increases Max Carry weight
    Health - Increase max health and causes regeneration (regeneration rate increase the more you take this skill)
    Energy - Increase max energy and causes recharging (recharging rate increases the more you take this skill)
    All - Increase max health, energy and carry wieght a bit but provides no regeneration or recharging
    Note: Regeneration and Recharging only happens if you aren't starving. (This does not apply to the Android.
    The Regen / Recharge is always active for the Android).
    Android gains regeneration and recharging by upgrading itself.

    Things I hope to do in later versions:
    -Complete the werivar character.
    -Fix all the journal entries to now tell you there could be other survivors.
    -Fix any bugs.
    -Add stuff people want me to add.
    -Hopefully balance the mod... someday.
    -Add buildable FloodLights
    -Places to mine raw materials
    -The ability to make things from raw materials
    -Unique endings for all the races.
    -Much more hopefully.

    Any ideas, suggestions, etc. are welcome. But please note: I still have a LOT of balancing issues to fix. Some of the areas are overcrowded and slow at the moment, will fix this soon.

    The mod is playable as it is now, and is around 2MB big. If anyone wants to use anything from my mod then go ahead. Just give me credit, please.
    Idiota 19 years ago
    Looks nice, Downloading...
    eug1404 19 years ago
    Yeah i was right, you DID make a kick-ass mod for Notrium , this is like the new un-official expansion pack for Notrium.
    MageKing17 19 years ago
    Looks very sweet, Uberwaffe. I hope my Overkill mod is as good as this once I get good at making graphics... and actually finish it...
    Quanrian 19 years ago
    It's good to see you put out a mod Uber, even if it is an expansion. Heck that's how I started out and so did alot of others. Just make sure if you get an original idea to scribble it down somewhere. Hopefully this is in part to my advice
    Marevix 19 years ago
    This is insane. Just like what modders in the Diablo 2 community do. This makes a regularly ordinary Notrium into a refreshing barrel of monkeys. Dwarfs my mod. Fun fun fun fun fun this is.
    Doogsy 19 years ago
    holy cow, you added heraps, I will be sure to grab this right away.
    eug1404 19 years ago
    Yes i reckon this will become a Cult classic notrium mod, hope you can finish off that new race.
    Toko 19 years ago
    realy nice....

    edit: have played it now and its a good pice of work...
    ville 19 years ago
    A lot of nice additions you have there, nice work!

    If you would like me to host this in the Notrium mods list, I will need a short description, a small logo like the other mods have, and at least one screenshot.
    UberWaffe 19 years ago
    "ville" said:
    A lot of nice additions you have there, nice work!
    Thanks, I do intend to add what people request of me. I also intend to fix the bugs and problems there are currently.

    "ville" said:
    If you would like me to host this in the Notrium mods list, I will need a short description, a small logo like the other mods have, and at least one screenshot.
    I'll try to get all of that. But the file is 2MB, won't I be clogging your bandwidth?

    Note: I am open to any idea/suggestions in this thread. Please share your opinions about the mod. I want to balance it out but to do that I need to know what you think is too powerful/weak. (This especially applies to the new race: Werivar.)
    Quanrian 19 years ago
    "UberWaffe" said:
    I'll try to get all of that. But the file is 2MB, won't I be clogging your bandwidth?

    You were kidding I hope ? That is actually quite small for a mod, you'd have a hard time getting away at 2 mbs on a full conversion. The main way you stay low is by using fewer or smaller graphics and little to no new sound effects and/or music. So to answer your question, it's not likely you'll clog his bandwidth with a 2 mb file If you end creating something around the scope of Notrium's main game you can definately expect it to get up and even past 10 mbs.
    UberWaffe 19 years ago
    "Quanrian" said:
    UberWaffe wrote:
    I'll try to get all of that. But the file is 2MB, won't I be clogging your bandwidth?
    You were kidding I hope ?
    Yes, I was. I saw the complaints about the 50Mb limit in the 'What's a Quibble' thread. Just joking around a bit. But I do intend to find some proper graphics for most of the new stuff. So while on that topic:
    If anyone can make me a proper rendering of any of the following I would be glad:
    The Werivar portrait. (Would like something more werewolf like.)
    A corrisponding werivar player animation.
    Some decent animation for any of the stuff you feel are badly done.
    A graphic for the Psionic Meal Skill. (Currently a glass marble.)
    A texture of a big flashy marine commander with no helmet and a white beard. (THis one is for a special unique ending I want to add. But I just can't get that white fluffy beard going. Oh, and a little monk hat too. You might figure out where I am going with this.)
    I'll request some other graphics later but those are the most important to me right now.
    Marevix 19 years ago
    My only complaint in this mod so far is that the Werivar is amazingly stronger than a human at what a human does and amazingly stronger than a psionic at what a psionic does. Werivar's not very challenging after a few days sitting under a stasis field levelling up, but all other races are now difficult. Then again, you've already mentioned that it's unbalanced, so I guess this is just restating the problem.
    MageKing17 19 years ago
    I don't like the psionic level up method, you need two hundred life essences. Perhaps make it so that an invisible bar increases by ten (or whatever) every time you level up, and another invisible bar that has the effect "number of item # from items.dat" (or whatever it is) and compare the two bars. If the second bar is greater than or equal to the first, level the player up. Sound reasonable?
    Casanova 19 years ago
    There is a misspelling in the weribar race description. It looks like there is an error in the missiles/scape pod sound entries, since Im hearing a lot of clickings when in the space area.
    blitzsolo 19 years ago
    This is the very, very, very best mod I have ever seen. I modded it a little to make it easier. (made regenerators, homing missile lanchers, removed the becon drill energy drill, etc.) Keep up the good work!
    Marevix 19 years ago
    Here's a few things that make Werivars completely invincible-
    1. Psionic Armor. As soon as you get up to around lvl 5 Psionic blast, this makes you extraordinarily difficult to kill with all that health.
    2. Time Distortion- Same as rage for the alien, but more potent. It lets you kill a machine gun turret in the ship graveyard with a welding torch.
    3. Psionic blast- This thing can kill a Dire Reaper in 2 hits at higher levels easily.
    4. Psionic Healing- At high levels this is ridiculous. 20 energy can get you 100 health at level 5.

    The only thing that keeps Werivars from owning everything without a scratch-
    1.Energy. If you use all these skills excessively (especially the blast), you will eventually run out of energy. This can be counteracted by levelling nothing but energy and getting alot of battery extensions, but it's still there. With the usually insane energy regeneration rate, it's not too big a problem to get that 10 energy to blast that last alien, but without using sleep it'll take a day (not counting nighttime) of sitting under a tree before it's fully regenerated.

    The entire concept of levelling up (and the execution, excellent script work there) in this mod is a bit off compared to other rpgs. In rpgs, you kill something and you get experience. I might try to mod this (with UberWaffe's premission) to make it so that monsters give you experience when you kill them, but don't expect it anytime soon as I'm still working on my new secret mod. An excellent way to balance the Werivar would be to force him to kill things (like alien evolution) to level.

    I still can't say how amazing this mod is with words alone, however. Nice work, UberWaffe.
    MageKing17 19 years ago
    Slight problem. With the non-Werivar races, the game is extraordinarily difficult. I had a lot of trouble getting a game to last longer than a minute the first few times I played, and I eventually had to switch to medium mode to relearn the basics all over again. Maybe I shouldn't have tried this on hard mode, when I think about it...
    Doogsy 19 years ago
    I think you have a few too many jungle areas too, maybe if you added some new filler areas it would be cool (and less repetitive)
    Marevix 19 years ago
    Hey! Doogsy's found his way back home.

    The only thing I think the mod needs at the moment is increasing the strength of the other races so that using them isn't turning on super-kill-the-player mode. It's very difficult to get the alien to evolve when you're getting sliced by dire reapers.
    Doogsy 19 years ago
    Maybe if Dire reapers gave you exp it wouldn't be so bad. I havn't played it on alien yet so I'm not too sure.

    Ps. what do you mean by I made it back home??
    eug1404 19 years ago
    Yeah the mod is actually quite hard as any of the other races, and suicide as human.
    "Doogsy" said:

    Ps. what do you mean by I made it back home??
    Several players were speculating that you left the forums.
    slyvena 19 years ago
    Good job, i think listen it's a good mod in all but even besides the wearer their are many things wrong and i only played as the alien heres a list
    *The hive has to many aliens *alien queens are too powerful
    *even a fully evoled alien dies from one shot from a sniper vine in eden
    *alien dosn't have any claws in it's last stage *queens flicker form
    *too much jungle area *was to many insectisoids in the marsh
    *broken turrents used for walls in new bases *wevier too powerful
    *new phyonic abilitys take two much power and do two much damage
    *two many escape pods at the start and not enough new scripts/jornal entrys in relation to new maps.
    UberWaffe 19 years ago
    Thanks you for all the feedback. I know the Werivar is very unbalanced, but I wanted to know what to do first. I have implemented some of the ideas.
    -The Werivar now gains XP extremely slowly due food.
    -Now XP comes from killing stuff.
    -You need 250 XP for first level, and then more for the next, and so on. Max XP needed is 5000. (To counter the fact that you can rampage through hive sectors if you know how.)
    -Werivar will now not be able to use many of the advanced items.
    -Psionic now requires less essence to level up the first time but then need progressively more. (Idea by MageKing17, but removing the right amount of essence from the user wasn't that easy.)
    -Alien claw bug fixed.

    Btw: If you feel something needs to be changed, then don't just complain, tell me how I should fix it. I am aware of most of the problems, just not how the community would like the solutions to be.

    I'll fix some of the other stuff soon. (yes, many creatures are very powerful, but I cannot really balance those until I get the player_races ready.)

    Also: Has anyone made it to the planet with full health? Is the added missiles too hard? Has anyone (if not human) seen the new hermit conversation if you give him the radio?
    Marevix 19 years ago
    The missles aren't too hard. On my second try I landed on Notrium unscathed. The new radio 'beginning' is sort of funny when the hermit looks for music and can't find any.

    The new exp system sounds balanced. Now sitting under a stasis field overnight won't give you 3,000,000 levels. And if you go nuts killing all of the dire reapers at the east hive, you are rewarded with a juicy new 150 energy. Sounds good.

    I haven't played the other races much yet, so I'll give you input on the other ones soon. Just not enough time to play video games on school days anymore.
    MageKing17 19 years ago
    "UberWaffe" said:
    (Idea by MageKing17, but removing the right amount of essence from the user wasn't that easy.)
    Sorry, I'd forgotten about that part...
    Marevix 19 years ago
    Is the next release going to be a small update (i.e. 1.1) or a whole new release (i.e. 1.5)? I'm eagerly awaiting the next version of this.
    UberWaffe 19 years ago

    I'm releasing v1.01 of my mod soon. Here is what's new and happening:
    -Alien now has claws at full evolution (Bug fixed).
    -Werivar now gains XP very slowly by staying fed.
    -Werivar gains XP 50% slower while under a stasis.
    -Werivar gains XP by killing enemies.
    -Werivar cannot gain more than 500 XP just by staying healthy and fed.
    -Werivar requires more and more XP for next level. (Lvl 1 = 250XP, Lvl 2 = 300XP, Lvl 3 = 350XP, etc.)
    -Werivar psionic skills costs much more energy now.
    -Werivar cannot use battery extenders and many other advanced items.
    -Advanced turrets now only usable by Android and Human.
    -Psionic Key now requires more and more life essence for progressive levels. (50 Essence gives you 50 XP. You need more
    and more XP for each level. Lvl 1 = 50, Lvl 2 = 100, etc.)
    -When playing Psionic a subspace radio will appear outside the escape pod. No longer necessary to kill the hermit, just
    lead him to the radio on the ground and he will take it in return for the key.
    -Psionic key now has two uses. U: 50 essence required for 50 XP. Y: 500 essence required for 500 XP.
    -Human and Android are able to mine raw materials from certain mines, process the raw materials and build basic items from
    them. (In order to build items, special refinery program chips must be found.)
    -Self-Powered Food generator now available.
    -Self-Powered Ether generator now available. (Hint: Play around with a food generator.)
    -Hermit now flees from battle if his health become very low.
    -Werivar Psi-Armor lvl 5 now only gives 7 armor, but has active defence. (Discharges energy when attacked.)
    -Other escape pods now actually head towards Notrium and land.

    Things to look out for in the next version:
    -Human will no longer gain XP mainly by staying fed, but by building and obtaining items.
    -Replace the stupid paint avatars in the credits with their real avatars.

    Once hosted, please try it and inform me of any bugs you find. I feel the mod is more balanced now, since many items are now unique to Human/Android. Also, Human/Android are the only ones capable of mining raw resources.

    Hope you enjoy the new stuff. (Also, hope Thaimodz hosts it soon!)
    ForceUser 19 years ago
    wow... sounds really good. Can't wait!

    Marevix 19 years ago
    Well, the new human levelling kind of screws over the work I've done on the human so far, but it makes sense. I think the Psionic skill energy increase for the Werivar is a bit uneccesary, as the Werivar is already starved for energy as it is. I'm halting the progress on my balance mod until 1.01 is released so I can get a better base for rebalancing it.
    UberWaffe 19 years ago
    "Marevix" said:
    I think the Psionic skill energy increase for the Werivar is a bit uneccesary, as the Werivar is already starved for energy as it is. I'm halting the progress on my balance mod until 1.01 is released so I can get a better base for rebalancing it.
    I know, but this was done to force a werivar player to use normal weapons too. (Like laser pistol, pistol, vc pistol, etc.) That way the limit on the werivar's ability to use high level items is also more of an issue. (Otherwise it won't bother the player much anyway.) I played the energy intensive werivar and it worked well for me. It forces you to stick with normal weapons for small and medium targets and only bring out your psionic skills for big opponents. (Dire reapers, etc.)
    But this is only a test to see how people like it. If the increased energy drain is disliked I will reset it. (Btw: I reduced the werivar food drain in order to compensate.)

    Edit: The increased energy requires management, but once you get enough levels then it isn't such a big issue any more. I managed to get to level 3 blast within 2 days. Remember, since you gain levels by killing stuff there must be some kind of limit to stop you from just taking on the big stuff. Remember, Level 3 to 5 blast can kill dire reapers easy. Since they give about 80XP I feel this is needed... but I am always open to changes.
    MageKing17 19 years ago
    "UberWaffe" said:
    but I am always open to changes.
    How about giving the other races more special stuff to compensate for having the Werivar be so kickass?

    Here's an example.

    While I was playing as the Werivar, I died after three days (ingame). When I died, it wasn't due to wounds from enemies. I died because I ran out of food. Two days ago. It is possible to survive as Werivar for TWO DAYS WITHOUT FOOD! That shouldn't be possible without giving the other races something to compensate.
    UberWaffe 19 years ago
    "MageKing17" said:
    Werivar for TWO DAYS WITHOUT FOOD!
    Really? That's not supposed to be like that. I'll have to crank up the health lost rate.

    1- I had sent Thaimodz the wrong version of the zip file. You'll notice that currently the Werivar requires 3x as much energy as normally. THIS IS NOT AS IT SHOULD BE! I had tweaked it afterwards but forgot to update the zip file.
    2- I have another update ready, one where I have added even more stuff.
    3- I don't see why the other races are so much worse? The android and human are the only ones capable of using the most advanced items. The alien has several new evolutions and powerful weapons. The psionic... er... I might still work on him. Please, if you feel that they need something, tell me what! I don't know what to add any more!
    4- I'm in the process of tweaking the Werivar's resistances. So I'm starting a poll. Do you want the Werivar to be strong against melee and weak against ranged attacks? Or strong against ranged attacks and weak against melee? Or not strong or weak against either?
    Melee = Aliens.
    Ranged = Marines and Robots mostly.
    Marevix 19 years ago
    Strong against melee. I haven't gotten 1.01 yet, but killing the Dire Reaper area in East Hive was easier than getting into the marine base (getting into it, but not conquering it. After seeing all the baddies there, I ran but died).
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